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This mouth guard is designed not only to prevent user's mouth from entering bugs and other small flying objects, but also protecting teeth, tongue, cheeks
and lips. It has a net like front face allowing unrestricted breathing and drinking.

- Prevents  bugs and other flying objects getting into user's mouth
- Shields upper and lower teeth from impacts, grinding and chipping   
- Prevents tongue, lips and cheeks from biting due to the pads separating 
  upper and lower set of teeth
- Provides a superior compression effect on teeth while biting on pads
- Keeps a jaw in an open and stable position, due to angular pads
- Allowing 100% oxygen intake through the net, boosting muscles and brain
- Allowing drinking through the net without removing mouthpiece
- One design fits all sizes from Junior to Adult, due to flexible material
- Can be worn with upper and lower braces
- Improves comfort and builds up self confidence
- Made of long lasting rubber feel material, BPA and Latex free, FDA compatible
- Cleaning in boiling water for up to 5 minutes sterilizes the guard without damage

- Indoor and outdoor sport activities

- Made in USA, Patent Pending

- Price: $5.89, plus shipping, 
  70% discounted from List Price: $19.59

- Available now on: www.bugmouthguards.com

  For any questions, contact us at:  bug-mouthguards@sbcglobal.net
  or Lenart Mouthguards, P.O. Box 2332, Farmington Hills, MI 48333 
  Tel: (248)752-7091
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